learning since 1950

Self Group is heir of a history that moving from the early days of hand modeling has preserved this valuable artisan tradition while transforming it into advanced engineering. A long path that draws the line of continuos improvement. What in the first family shop were foundry models in wood, are today automated moulds in aluminum, developed with advanced manufacturing technologies. During these years the scalpel has met additive manufacturing and the driller numeric control, while the foundry cauldron now waits for casting simulation…but nothing has gone missed or deprecated…the time gone by has left a huge amount of data and tools but also taught us how to manage complexity through integration.

A New


In February of 2020 a new investment company, led by Andrea Zonta, acquired Self srl assets creating Self Group srl. The new management have extensive experience in Manufacturing, in particular Automotive. They saw in Self srl an enormous value in their resources, in particular very experienced employees and top of the notch technology. Self Group srl will always make sure to bring to the customers the care and the attention that they require. The objective of Self Group srl is to maintain and expand our international reputation and recognition, regularly creating long lasting strategic partnership through the world.

agile processes

Translating the values of a rural culture into today industrial production it means keeping trace of ancient rules that asked to use at best few available resources. The essence of what we today call ‘lean’ was already present in the attitude of our grandfathers and taught us a conscious use of resources and processes to reach quality avoiding waste of time, material, resources, fatigue…



Team work, constant dialogue, curiosity, partnership, mutual exchange…are the elements of a formula that underlines the osmosis among our people. This means that every step of the process is tuned to the step before and the one after and the general plot is always present, allowing to enhance skills and build an efficient, reliable and sustainable working environment.

global player

innovation within tradition

Advanced management guides our manufacturing skills to understand different markets and cultures and developed custom processes that imagine the world as our playground.